Whatever you believe, you can concieve

The mind is your connection between the world and your inner being. Thoughts are what is produced by this interaction creating feelings, and those feelings are your connection to the Universe. This is the energy of your being and your place in the world.
Your mind does not rest. It thinks thoughts all the time. Being aware of your thoughts creates conscious awareness which is where you want to be. When you are consciously aware you can change your world. This level of consciousness can be transforming as it gives you the awareness of what is going on within your being through feelings. When you allow yourself to think and feel consciously, you can become aware of things that no longer exist within your life and reconcile the misdeeds of the past. When you give yourself permission to heal through conscious awareness, asking the heart to assist will be instantaneous. You can let the feelings this brings up pass through you, then release it out to the ether with trust. Some thoughts may want to linger, and you can focus them on the feeling you have within your heart for cleansing.
Feelings energize thoughts and give them the ‘fuel’ they need to manifest. Thoughts with no feeling behind them are not powerful; they are random and without meaning. Using conscious awareness with thoughts and feelings connects to the heart creating emotion, and this is very powerful. This magnetizes whatever you’re focusing upon to be drawn to you. These are the steps for creation. Creation has three steps: thought, emotion, belief. When there is intention behind creation, the thought is carried forward and made manifest.
Belief is a part of you that links to your programming. Belief connects to value and worth, for what you believe you can conceive. If you have not done the healing work to clear out the fear and misconceptions that lie within, it will be difficult to believe. You are a perfect being that has been programmed by life to believe that things happen to you because you are not worthy. Worthiness is a tool the ego uses to control you, and at every turn the world will justify your beliefs. Believing that you were born as a perfect being into this life, to learn through adversity and acquire the skills and intelligence your soul needs for expansion and evolution, is the truth. It really is that simple. And if you lived your life simply knowing that truth, you could not be controlled. Believing that you are a perfect being that has been programmed, and having the desire to detox that belief, will begin a chain reaction of purging the mistruths within. Thoughts will begin to come into your awareness that will show you what you currently believe about yourself. This will give you the opportunity to change your beliefs about yourself, and heal the deepest parts of your inner being. The chain reaction will then begin, and your thoughts will change to truth, and align with your true intentions. This is the process of becoming authentic and being a force of good in the world. This conscious connection reverberates as the emotion of love. Love for yourself, the process, and the world.
When you join your thoughts with the emotion of love, and believe that you are a loving being and deserving of all good things, you will draw to yourself like minds and begin to change the world!
Be Well, Be Love

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