There are changes happening within your world that will bring more peace to your lives. The work that you are doing on yourselves is coming to fruition by changing your energy and frequency. This new frequency (call it your energy signature) is causing change to occur and truth to rise. You are purifying your own world making way for goodness to become your foundation. This is possible, and you should expect it! There is cause for this as the effort you have made to heal your being combined with the grace that is here for you, creates a calm within you that, when you tune into it, feels like peace. The only interruption you may have with this meditation would be the ego trying to interfere. This brings us to the next level of healing and transfiguration.
The ego is a program that was instilled to control you. This program will not let you have too much goodness or peace within. It will find a way to undermine your progress to the point that you will give up trying to heal your being or accomplish happiness and joy. A little happiness causes the ego to go into overdrive creating conflict to take your happiness away. The ego works ahead seeing the desire for happiness and it works to find a way to derail it. Is this possible at all? Yes, as it is working behind the scenes in a subconscious way to keep you in a state of constant striving. This interference creates a consciousness of negative and degrading thoughts leading to depression, anger, frustration, guilt, victim-hood, and desiring to have more and be more.
This is why you have heard a lot about meditation, which is important and the key to conscious awareness. A wonderful way of meditation is tuning into beauty. It does not mean you need to sit in a lotus pose and leave your body. Many find it very difficult to sit quietly and have ‘no thoughts’. This is more common than not. There are more meditations created now to music, which is wonderful if you like the music! Meditation to tune into goodness can be accomplished by way of reading an uplifting book, watching a movie or video that has pleasing content, listening to calm beautiful music, anything that ‘consumes’ you in beauty and a feeling of elation. These types of meditation will clear your mind and allow your body to calm.
The thoughts that you have cause your body to react to those thoughts. This means that if you are having thoughts of despise or regret, the body will create and environment conducive to those thoughts. This type of thinking (and feeling) creates toxins within the body causing dis ease over time. Goodness, or good thinking, creates alkalinity within the body and balances the systems within. This is not instantaneous as you cannot ‘cure’ yourself with a few days of neutral thoughts! This is a process of mastering your thinking. It happens with practice and intention. You will know when you are mastering your thinking process as others will not be able to sway your thinking and your feelings are not affected. Thoughts create feelings and how you feel about your thoughts is your guidepost.
It is your ego causing your thoughts. Until you become conscious and aware of your thoughts you will not be able to control them. Conscious awareness only happens with practice and the intention to step into your power. This is a major step in your evolution and will not happen unless you have done the healing and purging that we have talked about in previous communications. You cannot skip any steps with permanent success. This does not mean that you need to work on thinking happy thoughts all the time. Thinking neutral thoughts which are thoughts without judgments of another or even yourself in a judgmental way is the path toward achieving goodness in your life. How does this feel to you? ♥

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