Peace within

Finding peace within can be a challenging prospect, however this is what matters most.

Peace starts within the mind, as that is where perspective originates. When the ego mind is active, it generates fearful perspective creating resistance generating defensive mechanisms to kick into gear. But what is there to defend? Defending yourself happens instantaneously and almost without your involvement! The feelings associated with these thoughts are painful, and your inner peace is nowhere to be found. How can you maintain your inner peace no matter what is going on around you? This is something that requires effort and focus.

Your feelings are your guide, for they radiate your place of power within. You can either question your reaction to what is going on around you, or you can surrender to the situation without giving up your power. Surrendering is not a weakness as you have been taught to believe. Surrender can be wise. It is not a matter of giving in, but a matter of choosing not to interface with something or someone to create or uphold a toxic situation. If something or someone is disturbing your inner peace, this means your perspective may be an issue, or you’re in a situation that may not be about you but the other individual(s) involved. At this point it is good to ask yourself ‘what is my path to peace in this situation’. This can give you a revised perspective or help you understand that sometimes doing nothing is best. If you choose to do nothing, this may look on the outside like surrender. When you choose to stay centered and peaceful within, you are generating the energy of love to all involved.

There can be many thoughts within your mind that want to create disturbance. If you question the thoughts you are having, you will find that these thoughts are related to past situations or events that may be unresolved within your being. If you take the time to write down the essence of these thoughts, you can work with them later. Many times these thoughts have nothing to do with the situation or person involved, they are merely the ‘trigger’. It may have to do with something within you that needs adjustment and healing, and the person represents the unresolved issues and mirrors it back to you.

Oftentimes, the answer is forgiveness. Not for the other, but for yourself. If you were to see yourself as your Creator sees you, there would be nothing but love for who you are. Now is the time of reconciliation. This brings peace within creating a heart/mind connection. The ego has nothing to do when you choose peace instead of war within! Find your path to peace and all can be well

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