What is listening? Is it something we innately know how to do, or is it something you learn to do? There are two types of listening; one with the ego and one with the heart. Listening with the ego is not learned as it is our immediate response. This is the one that we use most often. It is this listening that can leave you distraught and in crisis, chaos, and conflict. As we have discussed before, that is the job of the ego; to create drama and distraction. This act of listening may be instantaneous but can be diverted.
Listening with a mind that is not connected to the heart will not reveal truth. The heart, with its loving tone will allow the truth to come through in any situation. This type of listening will bring answers and loving conclusions for all concerned. If there is something with which you cannot find resolution, it is likely that the listening is not being done with the heart.
When listening, from conversation to contemplation, the heart will interact with the mind so that you can feel the act of listening without fear. This places you wholly within the situation and gives you the opportunity to respond with what you feel is the best conclusion. The heart understands everything and can ‘see’ all the facets of any given concern.
When you engage with the ego mind, it wants to take the situation and create/recreate scenarios of the past to ‘loop’ the situation and keep it unrequited. The ego perceives the heart as weakness because the heart will not choose fight, flight, or fright. Those responses are the ego doing its work. If you listen with a mind connected to the heart you will always feel at peace and know that all is well. ♥

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