The conscious, energetic response to all within your world will draw the experiences to you that offer the greatest challenge and opportunities to evolve. There are no accidents or mistakes, as everything is on purpose for your growth and expansion.

Your Higher Self works in alignment with your being to connect with the seat of your soul within, and pull to you what you need to learn, heal, and awaken within your life for personal and spiritual evolution. This being the case, your conscious recognition and reaction to everything and everyone in your world is imperative to your succession!
The internal response you have to things will at times not be in alignment with the thoughts you have about the situation. This may create a conflict within that could complicate the issue. Which one will you listen to? When you get to the point that this happens frequently, you are awakening your heart and allowing alignment with your Higher Self. This leads to the evolution of your being and the awakening of your soul connection, creating spiritual accession.

You are all connected to the Source of your Being, and the conscious awakening to this connection raises your frequency and vibration drawing greater forms of expression within and without. There is no greater form of love than the understanding that you hold within yourselves to the purpose and plan of your life. Your reason for being equates and connects the dots to all that has happened and is happening in your lives. There is no greater place to find answers than understanding the patterns and associations happening within and without. There you will find the connections to all the facets of your life and the effect it all has on your plan and purpose.
The expression of your heart is apparent when you take a conscious look at your life. The conscious actions and reactions to the events and people within your world creates opportunities for growth and expansion on a personal level and emits vibrations of equal import. This then in turn assists others, and draws like experiences and higher frequencial opportunity for spiritual advancement.

You are in this world but not of it. Your happiness and evolutionary gain does not lie in the 3 D expression of the illusion this world creates. When you know that everything you do and every thought you have affects all things, and you accept the responsibility for your expressions within and without, you will find the happiness and peace you yearn for and be the carrier of change. This is the time to understand your purpose and live it to the greatest expression of who you are. This then will define your world and those within it. This is the true meaning of as within, so without. Be well, Be love

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