January 18, 2015
The purest form of love is awareness. Finding your way into awareness is the key to awakening. This is a consciousness beyond all thoughts. This is knowing that nothing else matters except your connection to cosmic consciousness. Your alignment with the connection to your highest self, reveals truth and genuineness in all things. There is a knowing of this connection that resides within your thoughts when you tune into the feeling of the thought. Is the feeling peaceful or resistant? Does the thought incite love or fear? The most important path is the one you walk with an open heart. The heart cannot be open in the presence of fearful thoughts.

Your thoughts carry agendas. The agendas serve the ego. This is the subterfuge of the ego, to keep you in the world it has created, with the opinions it wants, for its sake and survival. This is not the real world. The real world involves acceptance, love, kindness, understanding, openness, tolerance, and compassion. Without agendas for anyone or anything, including yourself.

Alignment with your higher self is the path to awakening beyond the ego. This path lies in the second thought, not the first thought that you have about something. The first thought is the ego response, the second thought is the truth revealing thought. The immediate reaction is that of the ego. The true self, your highest self, reacts slower with more awareness. Acting with the first thought contains fear, acting with the second thought is love. The egos job is to act quickly to dispel the connection with highest self. This is why the ego has connected feeling to the first thought. It is the feeling that spurs action and belief. This causes more first thoughts and keeps you ‘dancing’ to the egos ‘tune’. Who you are up to this point is created from a lifelong succession of first thoughts. When you dismiss the first thought (initial reaction) and allow the second thought to surface, not only will it feel different but it will lead you in a different direction. This does not mean you must ponder on each situation that arises, but to think past the first thought that arises about the person, situation, or event. Truth and love lie within the second thought you have about the situation.

The world as we know it contains multitudes of information all connected to an agenda. It is the agenda you want to see within the information, and make your choices from there. Programming of these agendas appeals to the ego. The ego is the one that believes these agendas. The higher self being slower to react does not buy in to most things. It is wise to the ways of the agenda. It does not believe everything for face value and looks for the agenda first to determine its reaction. Your highest self only responds to truth. If there is no truth within the situation, it will not give credence to it.

Following this path is a detoxification of your thoughts which will lead to new reactions and beliefs within your being. This will establish a higher sense of knowing and believing. It will increase the awareness of your life and those within it. It will wake you up to new conscious awareness and give you a new sense of clarity and vision.

When you connect with your highest self, you will live in truth and authenticity. This genuine way of being in the world will assist others in finding this within themselves as it carries a specific frequency; the frequency and vibration of love. When you come from love it overcomes and dispels the darkness within others, when you are around them. It will draw those of like vibration to you, and may drive others away. Knowing this will assist you in understanding them and why they are reacting in such a way. Be Well, Be Love

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