July 6, 2014

You have come so far and are now opening to new and different ways of ‘being’. This is creating a sense of allowing yourself to evolve, expand, and vibrate to a new and different frequency of light. As you allow and surrender into your divine sense of being, you will draw more light into your being and sense a new awareness in your connection to Source. This allows you to gravitate more toward the highest resonance in all things and to recognize this in yourself. There is a ‘sifting’ taking place within that allows you to see those things that are holding you back through the conscious awareness of who you truly are. This is a personal process that enhances self-awareness allowing you to take a look at your truth of being. This is where you find your reality and expression through the experiences you draw to yourself. In addition, you are feeling new levels of connection to those in your sphere. More in a sense of acceptance of who they are and what they bring to your life; the meaning and purpose of their existence in your life.

Much continues to evolve within the Light of Source expression upon Gaia. The focus continues to be within and what that form of expression brings to your experience. There is nothing hidden as all is in the process of revealing itself and what true intentions lie within and without.

Be the observer of your process and it will change your perception. This will lead to higher truths and a graduated sense of dimensional awareness. Be prepared, for this sense of awareness will alter your reality and disconnect you from what has been familiar and comfortable to you. This will set you free to experience alignment with higher frequencies of existence within which will alter your perception without. Nothing will ever be the same.

This is the result of the cleansing, healing, and continuous work done within to connect with and expand the Divine part of yourself. This will lead to freedom from attachment to all things, people, and beliefs. It is the morphing of one’s DNA and coding that leads to transfiguration. For without this alteration nothing changes as this is a free will choice and is not just part of the process. It must be by intention set by conscious awareness of choice. Nothing happens by accident as your experience is created by intention.

Observing sets the ego free and apart from your expression and experience. The ego cannot survive within truth. By observing you see truth and this changes your perception and expression. You no longer experience things as right/wrong or good/bad. Observing opens you to the ‘isness’ of things and removes judgment. Contrast is then diminished. Beauty and a sense of just ‘being’ sprouts from this place of understanding. This is evolution without fear, pain, or conflict which is pureness of being within a higher sense of existence. There exists no fear as it is not part of your expression. It is the ego that creates fear. There is no fear without ego. You no longer exist with the realm of ego based living. This creates the next level of awareness that opens your heart even more and expands love within your being. A new intention is born to create a purpose of expansion which cannot be delineated. This leads you to living within the truth of your being. Open to this possibility and it shall be yours!

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