The Shift

There was a major influx of energy last week that was initiated to purge all that is impermanent within your being.  You may have experienced thoughts, beliefs, or feelings (that are not part of your true and authentic being) that surfaced for purging and healing. This was explained in earlier messages; that the time has come for this part of your awakening to be completed! 

The reverence for all things including Mother Earth, is the next step in living from the heart. Once that is accomplished it does not mean that all growth will cease. It means that the way will be made clearer for your soul to expand and your heart to play a major part in that.

The evolution of your being will always require effort on your part. The struggle (resistance) that you have had to deal with will diminish with the healing and release of things internal that do not belong to you (programming).  In addition, there is another part of your internal issues have been created around the strife that you have been put through in dealing with the economic structures as they currently exist. These will shift, and you must be ready for this by doing your part!

Shifting is bridging from the old to the new. This is can be a gentle process that requires the willingness to shift that which must, for evolution to continue.  Allowing this change to happen within yourself and in others, is a necessary step toward growth and activation of abundance consciousness. You cannot experience and integrate something new when you are energetically stuck in old feelings, thoughts, and habits!

Opening to the changes that you are resisting within yourself will shift things for you, and allow the new frequencies of love, abundance, and prosperity to flow. This will create new paths of growth to come into your life to elevate your consciousness. This will then open new dimensional attributes within to bring new information and frequencial alignment to your life. There is a saying, ‘from within, so without’. Understanding this saying is the key to your awakening. There can be no change without this shift in consciousness. When you stop any resistance you might have and listen to your heart, you will find the way out of the quagmire of your life! There is a new consciousness on the other side of resistance; one of deliverance and expansion. This is the truest sense of thriving….. from within, and without.

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