Frequency and Energy

As the current dimensional frequency becomes more integrated into your being, the clearer you are within and the more love you become.

Waking up to the fact that you are energetic beings and mostly water [physically] means that you are affected by frequency more than you know.  When you feel something, it is your internal reaction to energy.  The reaction you have to the feeling within sends forth the energy you create, and is felt by others.  This energy is more powerful than words and has an effect on everything and everyone in your environment.  Nothing is ever lost, and that means the energy you create is felt by all.

Because of this you are also receivers of frequency.  Frequency carries within it information, and this information can be coded by the source.  Your heart and mind are generators of frequency, and you code it with thoughts and feelings.  This is your creator ability, and can easily be manifested as you create your life from this place.  What you think and feel draws to you the same from other sources.  You get back what you put forth, and only this.  That is why some people never change their reactions to you even though you want them to.  If you have not changed the energy of your thoughts or feelings the frequency of them does not change.  You cannot hide what you are as it is your truth that speaks from the frequency you put forth.

The soul is the receiver of the experience that is generated from the frequency and energetic interplay.  This experience creates the evolution of your being and generates wisdom.  This wisdom is what continues to guide your mind and heart creating the evolution of your being.  This is where the phrase ‘you are what you think about’ comes from, although it is much more than that.

As you evolve you tune into the higher frequencies that are available and these frequencies elevate your thoughts and feelings to create more clarity within, and your experiences start to change.  This signals expansion of your awareness and more of your consciousness is activated.  When this happens the mind delineates thoughts and the energy you send forth directly encapsulates this higher frequency and combines it with the heart [feelings] to heighten your experience and spur your evolution.  When you experience this consciously you understand the process and your soul expands exponentially!

These are the points of conscious awareness that align with the true sense of who you really are.  Finding your way to peace, happiness, and joy lies within this loving sense of being.

Be Well, Be Love

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