Looking at yourself in the mirror is much like looking at your inner self.  Do you like what you see?

Many times you are not aware of the thoughts you are having.  Deliberate thinking is not easy, but very important to your inner expansion.  Thinking deliberate thoughts is much like a prayer of sorts bringing you into the present and focusing on what really matters.  When you are aware of what you are thinking the connection to your heart is assured.  Being aware of your thoughts puts you in control of your feelings and emotions which is the most powerful energetic force. This is the point of true prayer and connection to your higher self and Source.  It is also where all miracles originate, and manifestation of your intentions occurs when you are in this state of being.  This is a spiritual state of being that enhances your experience and enlivens your evolution!

Your inner state of being is what truly matters in the world.  This is where the connection to all things is possible and longevity is achieved.  When you are experiencing feelings of sadness, depression, resistance, anger, frustration or the like, you have lost your heart, mind, and spiritual connection.  Since the connection starts with the mind, this is the place of adjustment.  Using the virtues to refocus yourself is and easy way to bring yourself back into balance.

Aligning with the sacredness of your journey is found within.  When you are in a state of bliss (MHS connection) you are in tune to the sacredness of your being.  While in this state of bliss, you will impart this grace of your inner being to everything and everyone within your life.  This is the blessing that you give the world and further empower those in your life!

It is the time to become conscious of the person in the mirror!  Your conscious connection to what really matters and blesses your life.  There is nothing else that matters as much as this state of being and awareness.

Be Well, Be Love

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