Opening to the healing and sanctity of your inner being is much like going on an adventure of great awakening. Getting to know yourself from the inside out is important to your Spiritual process.

Much has to happen concerning alignment to your highest expression of Self internally, and it must be felt not thought.

You have heard me say there are no accidents or mistakes; that everything is on Purpose, and this is exactly correct!  Your Spiritual Awakening starts with the connection of the heart with the Divine Mind. This is the work of the 8 Virtues and the path of your own evolution.  The opening of this Sacred Connection continues with Faith and Trust. These are two virtues built upon connection with Universal Values. There can be no connection without these virtues in place.  This is the Sacrednicity of your process and one that requires pure understanding of one’s self and the connection to All That Is.  There are no short cuts to this Great Awakening, and yet it is not a destination either.  This connection finds you when you are ready and it embarks you upon a path of complete love and understanding related to the now 10 Virtues of the evolutionary process.

You cannot sidestep any part of the evolution of your being. There are no shortcuts and no easy roads. The healing process of the ego, the heart, and the inner being are required for the connection of your being to your higher self and Divine Mind.  Beyond this lies multi-dimensional understanding and feeling the connection to everything and everyone in your world. This is a Divine state of being that offers a blended path of consciousness and an opening to the vibrations of a new energy and thought. At no time will this be beyond your reach, for the pure intention of desiring expansion will take you on this journey. All 3D illusions will fall away as an outer skin revealing the next level of personal evolution. Becoming aware of the truth of these words within will create the intention.

Be Well Be Love

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