The voice within

Timing is an intricate part of life, and knowing when something is the right time is obvious. The experience of life flowing on its own while you ride the wave, is how life should feel. There are times when life feels like a chore interspersed with struggle. This simply means that you are not flowing with your life, but against it. This is a call to change, for change is constant and creates expansion.

Your first reaction to change is hearing the little voice within. If you are consciously tuning into your thoughts and are questioning them, then you will want to decipher which voice is responding. Listening to your inner voice is key to the process of change and knowing where you are within your life in relationship to your spirit. It is not easy to follow the guidance of the inner voice as it can speak of surrender, and sometimes that can take you to the highest vibration within the situation. On the other hand, it can also be the ego voice that is resounding out of fear when it feels threatened. The ego does not like change. This voice will want you to act rash and resistant. There might also be a small voice within that wants to react out of pain, for this is the unhealed part of you that speaks out for protection, and hopes that if it speaks its truth it can find peace.

Wisdom lies within the voice that hopes to find common ground with your life, and the change that is upon you. The decision to change does not lie in the situation, but within that part of you that responds to the situation, and where within the response comes from. Life offers you choices and healing opportunities if you are consciously aware of them, through change. There is always one clear choice and you decide how you want to get there.

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