What is true gratitude? Is it something that comes and goes? Is it a conscious or unconscious act, or is it just in the moment?

A true state of Gratitude is an energy that comes from the heart. It is a sense of being, and is lived and radiated at all times. It is a way of being that is part of love. One cannot be the energy of love without being in gratitude as well. Gratitude is the well spring of the soul that feeds the spiritual nature of all things. There are many forms of gratitude that are expressed outwardly, but a true sense of gratitude lies within.

Gratitude is the first step towards the self-expression of love. This is the energy that feels good. It is the basis of your experience in all ways. If you are in gratitude all things flow and go well. When you step outside of gratitude you feel it as stress.

You were born as pure love. Your soul came from a place of pure love when you came here. In order to stay within a state of love you developed gratitude for your life. This was not something you were consciously aware of, and as you grew you were taught to say ‘thank you’ as a form of gratitude. No one really explained what ‘thank you’ meant, so the essence of gratitude was not nourished within you. As you grew and became aware of what ‘thank you’ meant, you started to understand gratitude mostly thinking it was an in the moment response to something or someone.

There can be no love without gratitude for your life and yourself. With this level of gratitude you will flourish and abide in connection with the Universe. If you could see gratitude as an energy it would contain all colors for it is the deep connection to higher mind. When you are with others, people feel this energy from you first. Just being around someone that radiates gratitude feels different.

When you have times of stress reconnecting consciously with gratitude will bring you back into alignment with your heart. This is important to remember and any type of resistance to gratitude comes from the ego. The ego cannot connect with gratitude. It is like a foreign language to it! You will know when you have stepped outside of your connection to your true self if you cannot feel the peaceful loving sense of gratitude and appreciate your current situation. If you have put yourself in a place of crisis, chaos, or conflict, the first step toward re-balancing is to realign with gratitude. This will bring you back to your spiritual self and the sense of clarity needed to begin the process of reconnecting with your heart and gratitude.

Start your day with this affirmation:

I AM the essence of Gratitude. With gratitude, love and appreciation comes to me, from me, and through me. I flourish in the state of gratitude and love for my life. All is well in my world.

Realizing that you are responsible for your way of being in the world will help to change your life and have an effect on everyone around you. When one person is spiritually awakened, by virtue of being around that person, they will spark others and lift them up in vibration to a higher frequency of love…..if only for the moment! This can be enough to change something within them to allow grace to flow.  This literally means that you can change the world!   Be Well Be Love ♥

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