Self Love

Self-Love is an important part of your spiritual evolution.  This is the basis of your essence.  Without self-love nothing in your world will work.  Everything you are is based from this one expression.  All your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and actions come from self-love…..or the lack thereof!   

Self-love feeds your energy and enlivens your spirit.  This is a love of a spiritual nature that was created by Source to inspire and create within the world that was created for you.  This love encompasses all parts of yourself, internal and external.  As you care for your body you are caring for your spirit, for without the body your evolution on Gaia would cease.  This is a heartfelt expression of your spiritual self.  It involves seeing the good within and expressing virtuous actions toward yourself. 

This love of yourself does not relate to the ego as this action of loving yourself is not admiration of the ego. You cannot love others without loving yourself first!  The ‘you’ someone falls in love with, is the ‘you’ that you love first.  If the love you have for yourself is superficial, then that is what someone else will love too.  This would be the egoic part of you expressing love for itself.  This love arises in the mind (lower) and showers itself with materialism.  This love is merely illusionary at best and hurtful at worst.  It does not have any satisfaction and needs to be ‘replenished’ constantly.   This is not self-love.

When you follow the thoughts of your higher mind, your expression comes from the heart.  This is the love that you express back to Source.  These acts of love are prayers of essence that combine with others to create an energy that reacts with Source energy.  This loving energy seemingly reflects back to you, when in reality it IS you.  When you give the love to others that you have for yourself, it comes back to you from all those you interact with.  This then activates that part of you that is connected directly with Source and fills your life with all good things.  This is experienced by internal peace, good health, happiness, and love.   Love is our natural state of being.  It is where we came from, where we are, and where we are going back to.  Love yourself first, then you can experience the love that is around you! ♥

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