Deliberate Intention

It is a strange time of confusion and internal deliberation.  It is obvious to many that the old is needing release to empower the new evolved state of being.  It is a time of reconciliation and healing, something that you have been doing layer by layer along the way.  The most difficult and questionable issues were left for now when you have had ‘practice’ healing the more obvious issues. 

This is a time when deliberate intention is needed, for any difficult and possibly misunderstood experiences are the hardest to reason with.  The intention is to heal the issue is the most important step.  This sets in motion the actual desire to heal without understanding the reasons for the issue in the first place!  There does not need to be a reason to heal; just having an intention to do so will start the process.  This intention has the energy of forgiveness, nonjudgement, compassion, understanding, tolerance, and faith.  This is all for you packaged in the intention to heal anything, no matter what, without knowing the reason or knowing why, for the issue. 

Many feel that healing something is ‘allowing’ it or giving permission for it to have happened.  That is one reason to keep from healing and thusly allowing yourself to hold on to the issue out of fear of what might take its place if it is healed.  Nothing but love can take the place of an injury in a healed heart and soul.  You are not allowing anything; you are giving yourself permission to heal and let go of an issue that you may have or not had anything to do with, or you could not change it from happening.  It may also be something you have yet to grieve.  It is not an easy process for all kinds of reasons, but deliberate intention to heal and release the issue will assist more than you know.  This is where the ability to find peace and understanding with all that is, and has happened, that will transform your reality.  This will open new vistas into a new dimensional state of being.   Giving yourself permission to heal these issues so that they will fall away and be transformed into love, will set yourself free to love even more. 

There is a shadow side to everything and everyone.  It is the shadow that is generated and powered by the ego that keeps you trapped in fear.  And this fear is of change, for complacency is a ‘happy place’ for many.  It keeps things ‘status quo’ and abates evolution.  And yet evolving is what we are here to do!  That was your intention when you incarnated.  Do you feel you are evolving?  Are the same issues haunting you?  Are you out of ideas and ways to deal with nagging issues?  If you are part of any issue that is affecting your life, you are allowing it to keep you in fear.  And, after a while of having the issue in your life, you become complacent in dealing with it and you absorb it into your being as ‘status quo’.  There are ways that you are dealing with these issues without dealing with them and that shows if you are having physical issues, times of unexpected sadness or depression, unhappiness with your life, and many other kinds of ‘outbreaks’.  These should not be happening.  You deserve to be happy and content and at peace in your life.  This healthy state of being leads to gratitude, appreciation, joy, and bliss!  This is your inheritance for being incarnated on earth.  This is what God, Source, All That Is, wants for you.  This is who you really are, and only you have the control and power to be in that state of being. 

The key is calling upon deliberate intention to heal and the heart virtues to empower you and guide your evolution.  You are the only one that has say over your sovereignty and that starts with a deliberate intent to be whole and happy.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

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