It is time.  The truth is emerging and is there for those that are willing to accept it.  Your power of discernment must be honed, and this is done by asking and shielding your etheric body. 

This is the place in your being where environmental information is gathered and processed and unless you clear it often it will become clogged.  It is also the part of you that you share with the outside world and other people.  It is termed your ‘energy signature’ and it is why people are attracted to you or not.  It is the place that the energy from healing and purging your internal being is relayed for emergence to the ether for cleansing and recycling.  It is the final release and in turn the point of entry by other frequencies and energetic reception.  Everything you allow into your being goes through your etheric body first.  That is why you should ask for cleansing and purging of this field everyday and set a shield around you. 

Setting a ‘shield’ is an intention, prayer, request, or any way you choose to ask for what you do and do not want to enter your being (frequency, energy).  This is a part of you that can become overly saturated with old energy and useless information.  It is much like a computer that does not get cleaned or defragmented.  The information becomes garbled, and the result is confusion and fog that sets in and can create physical ailments and fatigue.  You need to be aware of this to release and cleanse this place around you that is your etheric body.  At the same time, you will also cleanse, purge, and clear your chakras.  When you do this, you will feel it internally and your mental body will become clearer.  It will affect the way you think and process energy and information through your heart mind.  A consistent cleansing will support and convey your sovereign status to all incoming energies so that you will not be susceptible to their influence without your permission.  This is also a filter for you to use in knowing what is truth and what is not.

Aligning yourself with Source energy, God, All That Is, is a conscious process, however it cannot be accomplished unless your heart is clear of energetic debris.  Clearing this debris comes from your intentions being set by a clear internal soul and spirit.  This internal intention will connect with the supporting frequency of love that is emanating from the Source of All That Is.  If this exchange is not made clear and your etheric body is not cleansed, you will not get the focused concentration of love transfusion that you need to be at peace and connect with the heart virtues.  There can be no question about your loyalties, for this current time is for making these choices.  It must be a conscious awakened decision. 

Now is the time for this spiritual sequence and it must be the result of your intended choices.  Choosing to align with the heart virtues will activate your being to connect with the highest version of yourself.  Then you can step into your power and resonate with who you really are. This is what you can do for yourself and the world right now.  

Be Well, Be Love 💖

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