You are entering into the next phase of spiritual consciousness.  Either you are in tune with your inner spark (soul), or you are not.  This is the time that you have prepared for through your processes of purging, healing, and heart virtue activations.  You have been going through a conscious awakening to find out who you really are! 

The world is in CCC (crisis, chaos, conflict) and this is what you were told would be happening.  This relates to the activations internally and the result universally, ‘as within, so without’.  If you have not done your inner work, you are on a crash course to get it done so you can deal with what is happening on the outside.

So many have skipped looking within and accepting responsibility for what is happening in their lives, and in doing so have immersed themselves in the current dramas that life is offering up. This immersion will not feed any part of you that is related to your evolution, and it could lead to illness and misery. The current path has been to heal and purge the programming so that you can discover, practice, and live the heart virtues.

There has never been more distraction than there is now for the transformation from dark to light has begun in earnest. This life has always held the inevitability of spiritual conscious awakening. This has always been the purpose, the prose of life. It is a personal process to find your spiritual footing in all things at all times, and to stay centered in your heart through the refinement of your soul. There is never an easy out, for this traverse cannot be side stepped. If you had not chosen to overcome the ego mind and step fully into this transformation with courage and intention, you would not be here. Your true purpose lies on the other side of this part of the journey and not one step can be skipped, for you have chosen to experience your own evolution as an awakening being of light and love with courage, strength and honor.

It has not been easy to merge your ego mind with your heart as I have discussed in several posts, for this is a major step in tuning into the heart and living from there through acts of mindfulness thoughts, words, and deeds. Your intentions are always built from this place within your heart and soul and mindful action follows. This is who you have become from then to now and who you will be from here is defined by your heart consciousness for nothing else will divulge your future, which is your next moment. It is through mindfulness thought that brings you ever closer to a fully conscious spiritually aware and meaningful being at this time. This is what will carry you over the bridge into the next phase of a meaningful life in a higher frequency and vibration of dimensional awareness. This is where you will find a new beginning of soulfulness expansion and ease. Instead of questioning, you will be living the answers and finding the reasonability of existence and in-depth moral codes for building a new life of purpose. This life will be absent of fear and CCC. It will offer new challenges of thought, word, and deed of finding greater symposiums of love and enjoyment. This will be well deserved and extremely rewarding. It is time to awaken and intend a life of peaceful repose and a renewed sense of spirit!

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

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