Confusion seems to mar the underpinnings of knowing what to do, think, and believe. It is everywhere and seems to be spiraling out of control, but it has a purpose, and it is that of leading you to connect with your own Divinity.

Divinity is a part of you that lies underneath everything you think you are, and it lies there waiting for you to recognize and activate it. Its basis is love. It is not an emotion, or a feeling, it is who you really are. It is covered up by everything you have been told and have chosen to believe i.e., programming. It started when you were born and continues to this day. This programming justifies, rules, and controls your thoughts and feelings. Some of your programming has brought fear, feelings of lack, disappointment, health issues, judgements, and resistance unto itself. It is part of what you have become and underneath it all lies your Divinity. You have only to ask to connect with your Divinity (light), however your ego mind will interfere if you allow it to. Your unawakened thoughts are evidence of your programming, and you can know the ego mind is in control when it ‘argues’ with your intention of connecting to your internal Divine light.

You have heard within these blog messages which refer to the heart virtues (see Heart Virtues post) in several ways. These are keys to healing your ego mind (programming) and its control over you. The action of the heart virtues comes from your Divine Self, your Divinity. It is more powerful than your ego mind, and when the ego mind doesn’t know how to fight against your Divinity it incites anger, resentment, and resistance. This is a good thing! This way you know you are connecting to that part of yourself that will lead you toward living the heart virtues and the evolution of your being, your reason for being here at this time.

You are not here to gather wealth and possessions.  This is not what you are here on this planet at this time to accomplish.  You are here to evolve and to help others to do the same.  All of this propaganda that is going on at this time is meant to trap you into more programming and feeding the programming you already have had indoctrinated into your ego mind.  This ‘mental prison’ is to keep you from evolving at a time when it is most important.  This is the crossroads for everyone to experience at this time to choose their course; the divide and conquer or unite and experience freedom from oppressive experiences.  You are at a time of choosing what feels to be internally of love.  Are you criticizing and condemning, or are you peaceful and loving?  Where do you think the reason for your path and purpose lies?  You are the master of your choices (thoughts) and that means that happiness, health, joy, and prosperity can all be yours.  This is a matter of Divine choice or ego manipulation, and it all starts within.  What are you listening to?  Your heart or your ego mind?  Are you practicing the heart virtues?  The ego mind does not relate to the heart virtues, for they are not to be understood or reasoned with.  They are to be lived and are the keys to activating your Divinity.  

It is a time of separation and choice.  There is no going back there is only forward movement and this requires you to make a decision about your evolution.  The frequency coming from God (Source) is there for activation and reinforcing the Heart Virtues which is the forward path to the evolution you are here to accomplish.  If there are those that choose not to evolve, they will not enjoy the benefits of the frequencial alignment.  This means suffering instead of thriving.  The current timeline of thriving is one of love, health, prosperity, and abundance.  That’s what this time is for…..choosing your way forward through your next steps.

Next comes the outbreath.  The time of living your choices.  This is when your reality changes to resonate with the choice you made.  It will be one of two timelines and simply one of self-responsibility.  You will either be firmly ensconced in the heart virtues and receiving the benefits of this choice or trapped in the cycle of ‘groundhog day’ where nothing changes for you. 

Peace will be your guide and empowering your life with the activation of your Divinity will be your future reward.

Be Well, Be Love ❤️

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