What next?

I asked Sophia what I should do next.  How I should proceed in my process and lead me toward that place of neutrality/love free of judgement and fear.  This was the answer to this request.

From Sophia ~

Stay centered and open.  Go forward and be true.  It is your intention that matters here.  Don’t sway off course.  Don’t blame or criticize anyone; not even yourself.  Have compassion.  Feel the rightness of what you are doing.  Don’t give up or back down.  Have some fun!  Rejoice in your learning and growing as this is what is happening.  Forgive, understand, correct, and let things go for there are others involved who are growing and learning, too.  Have the courage to take the next step.  Grasp the essence of your intended transformation and feel it as love for yourself and those involved.  See the truth in what I am stating here and read that last sentence over and over.

You are at the vibration where you understand the energetics encoded in this message.  Don’t fret or worry about the stumbling blocks.  Take heed to how you feel initially when a reaction is encountered.  After the initial reaction, the ego takes over and the essence of the lesson is gone.  When the ego takes over you will feel bad and then worse.  There is nothing in that for you.  Surrender the thoughts and the situation and move on to other things.  Don’t marinate in the process of the ego mind.  One way the ego mind does assist is that it gathers data and ‘meelings’ (thoughts marinated and turned into feelings) from latent parts of your being and gathers them all up.  It does this to create ‘mountains from molehills’.  When this happens you can surrender into it, look at the highest expression of the situations, and birth them into the ether for healing and release.  There is a tendency to put situations away for later recall.  This is simply something the ego does to use it for ‘ammunition’ later.  It can also be used for reinforcing another issue if need be.  Little does it [ego]know that it can be birthed and purged at the opportune time instead of used as supporting crisis, chaos, and conflict.  Therefore, cleansing and healing can be extradited and done in ‘chunks’ rather than steps.

We hope this has helped you understand from a higher mind.


Thank you, Sophia!  With love ♥

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