League of Light on current awareness and expansion

June 15, 2014
The cleansing continues and much has already changed with more to come!
The awareness that is settling unto you is like a feeling rather than a ‘thought’. This is the awareness of 5D that is starting to develop on your planet Gaia, as this is her ‘language’ in the now. You can tap into this awareness as it is the language of ONE. This is the beginning of actualizing 5D on your world. It is the first step to accessing 5D and joining in the new awareness which takes you out of 3D reality. By tapping into this awareness you are elevated to the new frequency that is 5D for physical, organic beings. This is the next level of your evolution as physical beings. These changes must be made slowly for the physical body to adjust. You will start to recognize that there is a difference between your internal reality and that of outward 3D reality. You will not be able to completely resonate with those ensconced fully in 3D, as they will almost sound as if they are speaking a different language! You will however, see the beauty of this world with new eyes and all of nature will be drawn to you in recognition.
You might be asking how this level of connection is obtained. It is a result of the work that you have done with your internal healing and cleansing process which has created expansion for the evolution of your being. This is Spiritual Evolution which is the next step for Mankind. It is an individual journey that brings you out of 3D consciousness to the next level [which is 5D awareness]. This is what some people are calling ‘Ascension’. This step (connection with new Awareness) is the precursor to full consciousness activation. One cannot step from 3D awareness to full activation without the steps in between!
There have been many special alignments this year (with more to come) and each of these is used to burst forth new energy and light to all upon Gaia. This light (information) connects with each one individually to enhance the evolutionary path for personal expansion. All that are within and without Gaia are assisted at a personal level. This assistance is recognized as thought (awareness) that is not of ‘normal’ nature. These thoughts have feelings associated with them that require attention to expound upon that which is out of alignment with one’s purpose. In some, the thoughts (feelings of thought) expand on that part of the individual that needs more cleansing and development. And yet in others, it elevates one to the recognition of subtle differences between 3D and 5D awareness expanding joy and inner peace. This is the ultimate alignment with one’s true purpose!
This is an individual journey that cannot be accomplished with group energy. Group energy was the first level of the beginning of the evolutionary process with expansion being supported by like minds. This has been in effect for millennia. This has led to division amongst groups and the enforcement of new levels of separation. This was a major step in the evolutionary plan for Humanity upon Gaia, and now it is time to expand up the evolutionary spiral to the next level. This new level (dimension) does not include anything that currently brings you comfort (external). It is a new level of creative ability and comes with the expanded virtues of love, appreciation, gratitude, and understanding. There are no materialistic needs, desires, or wants as all is provided for and is there for everyone. This makes for living one’s life based upon individual passion instead of survival. This frees the soul to create and breathes new life into God’s purpose for your existence! In this new dimension there is no hunger, struggle, strife, or any other 3D based energy that currently exists. The mind and heart are fully connected and consciousness is Universal. No longer suppressed, you will then be joined with others in the Universe and new opportunities will be opened up for you. It will be a grand time of existence on Gaia and this is not too far off from manifestation!
We hope this information will help your process and give you new insights. We are the League of Light



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