It’s been a long time since my last post and so much has transpired.  I have had a respite and have now been guided back to my ‘post’!

I am going to post my channeling s back from the end of last year forward to now.  I feel there is a lot of good information that can be imparted to you from my ‘team’.  I have enjoyed the expansion I have been going through, and life truly is a journey, not a destination!

There is a lot of ‘unfolding’ going on at this time and when my posts catch up with the current time, you will see how the channeling s reveal things in an organized way and connect with each other. 

I’ll be delighted to hear your comments and answer any questions you might have on any of this information.    I also offer channeled sessions one on one through Skype.  Please send an email to me if this is something that interests you;

And on we go,

Michell ♥

Greetings!!It’s been a long time since my last

One thought on “Greetings!!It’s been a long time since my last

  1. I also agree that your verbage was well explained. Well spoken and simply put
    so everyone would grasp the meaning of your message no matter how far their
    spiritual enlightenment quest has taken them.

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