Catch Up

Hello Readers ~

I wanted to take a brief reprieve and find out how you are all doing?  I am struggling with the new energy and the last bits of my resistance to change.  It is not an easy task that we have right now and everyone is experiencing it differently.  The reason for this [I feel] is that we are experiencing things from where we are in our evolution.  We are truly being given assistance and support if we ask for it. I have experienced a deep sense of peace and calm in my most torturous moments!  This is what I call Grace, which is why I have the name Grace in my website name. This Grace is there for all of us if we just ask for it.

The new energy (light/particles/love) that is hitting us right now (both physically and ethereally), is bringing up all things within us that are not in alignment with our authentic being, who we really are.  For me this is very uncomfortable at times.  And in addition my environment is changing because literally everyone is ‘acting out’.  I know deep in my being that it is necessary to change and heal….or not?  I can choose not to but that would mean that things would get so uncomfortable I would want to leave.  I don’t think that resisting or refusing the evolution and Grace we are being given right now would be the best.  We are meant to change and grow.  Our spiritual nature now needs expansion.  We are meant to evolve and have not been able to accomplish this with the way things currently are.  Heaven cannot be stopped!  The good news is we will be allowed to evolve!  There is nothing/no one that can stop it.

Back to how it feels to me (and you).  The next lunar eclipse has me ramping up on my transition.  I have had everything from the ‘cosmic flu’ this week to wanting to lash out irrationally!  Now I am at the point of surrender and acceptance.  Takes a lot for me to get there ;o)  Now, I say that I am there because I have been at this exact point several times, we will see.  I will be tested, and I know this, and it always comes out of the blue to make sure I am caught off guard.  How about you?  Lets talk!

With love,

Michell  ♥

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