What’s so about now?

Below is a communication from Archangel Gabriel. I am very close with AA Gabriel as I work with him during healing sessions.  I was introduced to the AA Gabriel energy during a workshop with Doreen Virtue.

I decided to ask Archangel Gabriel some questions about my spiritual development.  Below is the Q&A that arose from my asking.

What are these times leading up to?

We are embarking on a new adventure steeped in consequence.  There are many things that are not being said and this does not mean voiced.  We are bringing things to light that are not currently known.  It is just now coming to be.

Can you give me some relative information concerning how we will ‘see’ these changes?

There is sight and there is ‘sight’.  We will assist you with seeing both ways.  No longer will you wonder about how things will turn out.  There will be obvious signs and engaging opportunities for you to realize your awakening.  Many will just know what to do.  Others will continue to be confused.  There is a heralding of assistance coming to be.  Now is your future.  Tuning in and allowing is the manner of the day.  Open to receiving.  Allow the process to flow.  Be within at all times.

How will this look in my personal life?

You are embarking on a well earned journey.  You have chosen to do the work required of you.  There have been times you have wanted to give up and retreat but it is not your nature.  If you continue to stay open and in the moment you will have your dreams and desires.  There is much good here for you!  Allow, respond, and flow.  Love is your creed.  Many will want your presence.  Be with them and hold up the light and love for their highest vibration. Assist them with seeing their goodness.

How is this to happen?

Timing is the utmost critical rule for manifestation.  You are embarking on this journey now.  Each moment is a step forward.  Be content to just flow without concern of what to do.  There is no doing, just being and trusting the situation is what it is.  You are the only one that can do what you are to do.  Be the one so that others will follow your lead.

No further questions, thank you in love Archangel Gabriel ♥

This communication was a year ago.  I was trying to keep things in sequence, but I am being guided to include information in just this order.

A very good friend of mine suggested that I ask for questions.  If you have questions, please email them to me and I will include a post with the question and the answer.  If you don’t want your question posted, just let me know in the email.

P.S.  BTW ~ this wonderful friend of mine does readings using a very unique system.  If you are interested in contacting her, please email me and I will forward your request to her.

Michell ♥


Have a beautiful day!

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