Revelation and Contrast

It is a time of revelation and contrast.  There are clear choices and listening to the voice within will give you your souls revelation.  This is not a time of outside interference although there is more than ever before, it is only meant for distraction from that which truly matters; your soul and spiritual revelation.

What you are witnessing is crisis, chaos, and conflict to immerse you in outside propaganda to distract you from your expansion and evolution.  Without your participation in the drama, it cannot continue.  The purpose is to awaken unto yourself and expel the programs, beliefs, anger, judgement, and intolerance in exchange for patience, understanding, tolerance, humility, and grace.  It is being put before you as never before and the pull of it is strong and enticing, for it feeds the egos need to keep you resistant and full on feeding the crisis, chaos, and conflict necessary to delay and prevent amelioration of your spiritual nature.

There cannot be change without the complete and total surrender of CCC within.  The experience that is needed to evolve your being exists in neutrality with all things.  This cannot happen with ego programs running behind the scenes.  This exacerbates fear and delays evolution.  It is truly time for peace and prosperity, and we can create it.  Every thought, every action must have the seed within it that intends ‘my good and the good of all concerned’.  Without this intention there can be no end to the struggle and strife for so many.  It takes each one to change the frequency and vibration of the now. Your intention in each moment and the agenda you set forth with that intention feeds the energy of all that exists.  This in turn heightens your sense of internal well being and brings you clarity by opening the doorway of enlightenment in direct concert with the highest expression of your spiritual self.  When you emit this grace, you vibrate with the divine mandate set forth for peace and prosperity.  It is our right to have this now and it is our choice.  Knowing that this power exists within each and every one of us acts as a powerful ability to heal and awaken new thoughts and intentions.  If you feel any resistance to these concepts, you are immersed in fear.  You can overcome this fear instantly by realizing its power within you.  When you do, grace will flood you with love and activate truth within guiding you to surrender your need for resistance.  Love knows no resistance for it is innate within our being.  Some see it as a weakness; however, it overpowers fear and feels as peace within.  It absolves CCC and opens new doorways to experience and expansion bringing more of it to your spiritual self.  When this changes, everything changes.  You came from love and will return to love. It is not complicated unless you make it so.

Be Well, Be Love

2 thoughts on “Revelation and Contrast

  1. Beautiful message, Michell!
    This feels like a silly question, but does “CCC” stand for crisis, chaos, and conflict?
    I want to make sure I am understanding correctly! I look forward to your next

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