Understanding the 9 Virtues

There are those that have resisted the changes within.  They are finding themselves confused and agitated.  It is a time of deconstruction and reconstruction all at the same time, and all are on the path of one or the other.

This is the time when the 9 Virtues are of supreme importance.

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Tolerance
  • Humility
  • Gratitude
  • Valor
  • Compassion
  • Appreciation
  • Forgiveness

Awareness of your inner self is the key to manifesting the connection with the vibration of love that is the Grace that surrounds Gaia at this time.  This is the only path to peace and tuning into this Grace will further enhance the clarity of your being.  Then, and only then can you assist others to find their way towards peace within.

Peace cannot be established without the connection and practice of the 9 Virtues.  Struggle within makes it challenging to make the connection and practice the virtues; but with Patience and Tolerance one will Understand and have Compassion to find Forgiveness and Appreciation with Humility, for themselves and others.  Valor is called upon now with all the confusion happening from the inside thereby creating chaos without.  Healing has been a conscious process, and is now able to be done without awareness, using Grace.  Grace is penetrating the heart and activating it to heal each one from the inside out.  This is why there is agitation in some for they are resisting the work required to heal within, and understanding being revealed within for others.  This Grace is called upon through intention, as we have discussed before.  If one’s intention is to heal or understand something, Grace responds working with the intelligence of the heart to motivate the intention.  This draws answers to the one asking, and the heart stimulates the healing so that it all happens simultaneously.  If one rejects healing, a counteracting energy rejects the Grace and agitation is the result.  When the one that is agitated meets with one that has evolved and carries a significant amount of Grace, the agitation will subside.  This does not mean the one will be immediately healed, however if the one has asked for (set the intention) an answer for the agitation, the light from the evolved one will interact with their heart and dissolve the agitation significantly.  A new understanding within will result and clarity will be given to be used for healing and forgiveness.  This is why the ones in true need of healing are either coming forward and stepping into their power or are shrinking back and withdrawing.  There is a dramatic difference within those that are struggling, as their struggles are increasing losing their brevity, for they cannot withstand the frequency combined with the heart’s vibratory alignment.  The observation of this within others is obvious and draws compassion from those that have done the work.

This work within is connecting with Divine Mind to create a bond between Heaven and Gaia that is impenetrable and everlasting.  The intention to evolve and ascend to the higher frequencial alignment cannot be undone.  This is a time of major shifts and alignments through connecting to Higher Self.  It cannot be avoided but can be delayed.  This is your free will choice; to allow your evolution or deny it.

Open to the truth of this information and allow the truth of your being to come forward and be lived from your heart.  You are on the edge of the next dimensional wave of evolutionary alignment.  It is a grand time to be here!

Be Well, Be Love

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