Ok, now we begin!

I want to explain a little about what I am going to post.  I have been channeling a guide I call ‘Sophia’.  Now, this could easily be my Higher Self, My Super Conscious, or just me, but the curious thing is that after the session is done I am amazed at the information!  So, whatever the process is, it is ‘beyond’ me 🙂 and I am very thankful for the guidance!

I have been consulting Sophia for a little over a year.  I consult as I have issues come up and situations arise that are unsettling or things that I simply want more understanding about.  I have consulted Sophia and asked where in my year long process to start; and I was told ‘at the beginning’.  So, this first post will be the first communique I had with Sophia.  Some of these sessions were very short so don’t expect a long drawn out post.  I look forward to your comments and getting to know you better!

Here is my first session.  I consider it very elementary as I was just trying it on.  I am posting the answers exactly the way they were given.  Sometimes it doesn’t make much sense but there is a reason I’m sure as to the syntax.  I have put brackets [ ] around any words I insert for clarification.


Sophia ~

Q.  What happened to me last week?  Why was I so emotional?

S.  There was much going on.  Fear has permeated the planet.  You are sensitive to fear.  This is what you must take time to transmute [fear].  Run your emotions through your heart with your heart acting as the filter.

Q.  Sophia, why am I so critical and negative towards my Husband?

S.  He is your mirror.  Everything you are feeling is reflected back to you from him.  He is the one that shows you where you are with yourself.  Love him & you love you.

Q.  Sophia, how do I come to terms with my boss?

S.  He has no conscious at this point.  He looks but he doesn’t see.  You find him irritating but he is just part of your plan.  He doesn’t know what is happening but he is expanding ~ everyone is expanding.  Feel him making decisions concerning you and guide his thought process toward your end.  His being is basically good.

Q.  Sophia, how can I learn to meditate?

S.  Don’t meditate, just sit quietly.  There is no one idea about meditation or style of meditation.  You don’t need to do traditional meditation.  Quiet your mind and drift….

Q.  Sophia, what is my plan?

S.  You are here to enlighten other people.  There is no special thing to do.  Your journey is your own.  You will make a lot of difference along the way.  Find peace and acceptance with this.  That is the way of the heart.

And this concluded my first session.  I didn’t ask for a lot of clarification or embellishment on the answers.  I was just having so much fun and in total amazement of the process, that I asked questions that felt were current immediate issues for me without much consideration.

I look for the ‘seed’ in each session and the one for me here was the comment about the heart being a filter.  This has been very helpful to me and I use it ongoing.

More to come! ♥

Ok, now we begi…

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